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FPbase - 
the database of all known fluorescent proteins:
OpenCell -
endogenous human protein localization and interactions:
Cell Map - protein localization mapped by proximity labeling & mass spec:
Protein Atlas -
 the human proteomic database:
UCSC genome browser -
 human genome database:
NCBI FTP - download genome data and tools from NCBI:
Uniprot - protein database:

Genecards - the human gene database:
Croatan - pre-design of sgRNA pairs:
Nanobody DB -
 Collection of nanobody information:
SAbDab - The Structural Antibody Database:
iUUCD 2.0 - ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like conjugation database:

RNA Granule Database - composition and regulatory dynamics of stress granules:
CSH Protocols - Buffer recipes and experiment protocols:
Deng Lab Server
- lab libraries, protocols, schedules and etc (login required):

Addgene -
plasmid distributor:
Horizon/Dharmacon -
inventory of cDNA & ORFs:
Genewiz -
DNA products and gene synthesis:
Sangon Biotech -
vender of all kinds of lab supplies:
NEB double digestion finder -
find buffers for double digestion:!/redigest
SZBL OA - online purchasing system (login required):
Core facility -
 equipment booking (login required):

AlphaFold -
 database of protein structures:
BLAST - sequence alignment and inquiry:
Backtranseq -
reverse translation from protein to DNA:

FigDraw - free online tool for science illustration:
BioGRID - database of protein-protein interactions:
Switch.ELM -
validated and predicated motif-based molecular switches:
human genetics database with siRNA, CRISPR screens:
GO analysis -
Gene Onology tool at Princeton:
TMHMM2.0 -
prediction of transmembrane helices:
SignalP 6.0 - prediction of signal peptide:
DeepLoc2.0 - prediction of protein subcellular localization:
protein domains, families and functional sites:
PhosphoSite - protein post-translational modification database:
CB-DOCK2 - Cavity-detection guided Blind Docking:
TIMER2.0 - analysis of gene expression and immune infiltrates across cancer types:

Pubmed -
library of biomedical literatures:
BioRxiv -
the preprint server for biology:
Cell -

Nature -
Science -

Molecular Cell -
Nature Cell Biology -
iBiology -
open-access online seminars of Biology:

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