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We are seeking highly motivated and creative scientists to join us at all levels, including co-PI, postdoc, graduate student, undergraduate and research assistant. Candidates should have strong interest in basic research with translational potential. Background in at least one of the following: molecular and cell biology, biochemistry, cancer biology, pharmacology, biophysics, live-cell imaging, genome engineering or related fields is strongly desired. For co-PI and postdoc applicants, a track record of peer-reviewed publications is required. Our group is very enthusiastic in cell cycle regulation, DNA replication, DNA damage & repair, cell metabolism and genome instability. If you share a similar passion, we are looking forward to working with you!

Please send your application to Dr. Deng at with the following information:

  • A detailed CV with a list of all publications;

  • Summary of previous work;

  • Statement of research interests and career plans; and

  • Contact information of 3 references (for co-PI and postdoc applications )

You can also leave us a message here:

Thanks for submitting!

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