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The Deng laboratory is a welcoming and highly interactive environment. Graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, research associates and research assistants share reagents, expertise, and ideas to reach their common goal of understanding cell cycle regulation in health and disease. Students and post-docs who start their own groups are free to take their projects and reagents with them. The goal of the Deng laboratory is to help every member succeed!

We are seeking highly motivated and creative scientists to join us at all levels, including co-PI, postdoc, graduate student, undergraduate and research assistant. Candidates should have strong interest in basic research with translational potential. Background in at least one of the following: molecular and cell biology, biochemistry, cancer biology, pharmacology, biophysics, live-cell imaging, genome engineering or related fields is strongly desired. For co-PI and postdoc applicants, a track record of peer-reviewed publications is required. Our group is very enthusiastic in cell cycle regulation, DNA replication, DNA damage & repair, cell metabolism and genome instability. If you share a similar passion, we are looking forward to working with you!

Please send your application to Dr. Deng at with the following information:

  • A detailed CV with a list of all publications;

  • Summary of previous work;

  • Statement of research interests and career plans;

  • Contact information of 3 references (for co-PI and postdoc applications )

You can also leave us a message here:

Thanks for submitting!

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