Who are we?

We are scientists at Shenzhen Bay Laboratory (SZBL) in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province,  China!


SZBL is a newly established Guangdong Provincial Laboratory located in the heart of Guandong - Hongkong - Macau Great Bay Area. Jointly launched by the City of Shenzhen and Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, SZBL is supported by the Shenzhen City with an initial five-year budget of ~2 billion US$.


SZBL aims to create advanced research platforms, convene high-end talents and drive leading-edge discoveries in frontier and applied areas of bio-medicine. SZBL aspires to be a hub for world-class research at the forefront of science and innovation, spurring novel solutions to  the grand issues challenging mankind!

What do we study?

The Deng laboratory is interested in ​cell cycle regulation, DNA replication, DNA damage and repair, and genome instability. We use a combination of cutting-edge techniques such as in vitro  biochemical reconstitution, genome engineering, high throughput live-cell imaging, genome sequencing and so forth, to address how cells coordinate growth and division under normal and pathological conditions such as cancer.

Welcome Jingru and Guojun!

Warmly welcome our visiting students Jingru Wang and Guojun Ye! Jingru is a 2nd-yr Ph.D. student from Dr. Weike Ji's group at Huazhong...

First funds

The Deng lab is now funded by Guangdong Basic and Applied Basic Research Fund (100K RMB for 3 years)! Dr. Deng is also a co-PI with Dr....

Institute of Molecular Physiology